Swing Patrol

Find 1940s Dancers for Hire to Arrange a Vintage Theme Party for Your Guests

If you are looking for versatile entertainment to engage your guests at any party you can lookout for the 1920s entertainment which is right now the latest trend in many parties. Swing Patrol is one dancing community that promotes yester year dancing styles like Lindy Hop and you actually find 1940s dancers for hire from this dancing community. This is possible because Swing Patrol offers dancing classes to all those who are interested to learn Lindy Hop, Solo and Balboa and perform with a vintage twist to themes like Blitz, Gangster or Great Gatsby. Anyone can join the dance classes irrespective of their age and skills in dance as Swing Patrol offer dance classes at different levels for everyone to enjoy swing dance moves to the joyous music. Dancing would surely offer great relaxation and also an effective cardio workout for one to dance to the blue tunes, electro swing, Charleston and gospel. These dancers offer their performances at different events, dance shows and also dance festivals who can also be hired to perform at your parties.

1940s Dancers for Hire

You can check out with the Swing Patrol for the1940s dancers for hire to add that extra fun and entertainment at the corporate meets, team building days, festivals and outdoor events, school work shops, weddings, office parties and many more come prepared to perform to any of the party theme offering the 1920s entertainment. The Swing Patrol not only teach dance but also perform, and choreograph dances for the client events. If you avail the grandslam pack the swing patrol dancers shall take care of everything right from helping you to find the best venues to selecting the right bands, MC services, arranging a mini bar, bringing in the makeup and hair stylist and also DJs to rock the party with vintage twist. The dancers shall engage your guests by encouraging them to learn a few vintage style dance steps and also conduct small competition among them to add entertainment to the party. The dancers also come up with high energy performances with incredible dances in the vintage style. The guests would surely be thrilled with the dance performances that they could not ask for more and would remember your party for a long time.

1920s Entertainment

To hire the dancers you need to book their services ahead of your party date as they are very busy and for you to avoid last minute disappointment.