Swing Patrol

1920s Dancers

The 1920s Dancers for Hire Offer Ultimate Entertainment for Your Parties

If you would like to add the Blitz party entertainment to any event or occasion you can contact the Swing Patrol troupe who offer 1920s dancers for hire. Yes, Swing Patrol is one dancing troupe that has dedicated themselves to the yester era dancing styles like Great Gatsby, Blitz or Gangster themes that are very much popular during the 1920s. If you want the same fun and entertainment of that era you can find dancers who are experienced in Lindy Hop, Solo and Balboa dancing styles that make you feel nostalgic about those dancing styles. Swing patrol offer exclusive packages for Blitz party entertainment where you can simply relax while they take care of all the arrangements right from helping you find a suitable venue for the party, choose the bands and DJs, MC services, arrange full bar and fill the floor with mood dancers. They also offer you expert 1920s dancers for hire who rock the floor to vintage party tunes offering ultimate entertainment to your guests. They also bring in hair and makeup artists so anyone interested to transform themselves into that style for a vintage look and take one or two dancing lessons from the dancers then and there to shake their leg on the dance floor. They also run competitions for the guests and also arrange photo booths so that one can share their memorable night direct to the social media platforms for others envy.

1920s Dancers for Hire

It is not just performances in the corporate events but the 1920s dancers for hire can also be contacted for team building days, weddings and hen parties, school workshops and other festivals out outdoor events to offer great entertainment to the audience. Swing patrol not only just offer their services for performance but they also conduct dance classes in the vintage style to all those enthusiasts who would like to learn dance at any stage of their life. One can join the dance classes based on their skill levels and become experts in a dancing style to perform at parties or in the swing patrol shows. The swing dance is not just a dancing form but surely uplifts one’s spirit to release their energy and stress in a fun manner and also make a great workout for those who would like to reduce their calories. To join the swing patrol dance classes you can simply go through their portal for the venue and pay the fees to enhance your dancing skills to become the 1920s dancers for the joyous music style.